Sydney Vintage and Pinup Shopping Haul

In June, I popped over to Sydney for the Hot Rod and Custom Pinup Parade which was absolutely incredible. Whilst in Sydney, I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of shopping at some of my favourite places, and I found a few treasures I’m absolutely smitten with. It’s been a while since I’ve done a vintage and pinup shopping haul so today I thought I’d share what I picked up along my travels. I was a bit more selective of what I got this time as I honestly wasn’t feeling the best and I only had an afternoon to shop but I’m still so happy with what I found.

I’m going to start with my pinup haul which is basically anything that isn’t true vintage, but vintage-inspired. Right before I left for Sydney, I saw in my emails that Kitten d’Amour had just released a new range of jeans. I haven’t owned or worn a pair of jeans for over a decade and I’d honestly given up on looking for a good pair of vintage-inspired jeans. I thought I’d have a look to see if these might be the jeans of my dreams. I have a problem with jeans, I like high-waisted jeans but I often find that they either fit my waist but not my butt, fit my butt but are too short in the legs, or are too long in the leg and too big on the waist. I’ve really tried to find jeans and have dropped quite a few dollars over the years but I end up selling them on or giving them away as they just don’t fit (even custom jeans that were measured up by professionals). Well, I found some jeans that actually fit me. My new Kitten d’Amour jeans fit me perfectly! They are perfect in the waist, my butt fits in them and looks decent (I’ve kind of forgotten what jeans were supposed to look like over my butt), and they were long enough for my gangly legs. Yipee!

Although I’m on a dress-buying ban for this year (oh gosh it’s been so difficult and I’ve only faltered once because I found a unicorn!) I did pick up a dress which I absolutely love. I’ve been looking for a good polka dot dress for a while and even bought some polka dot fabric to sew up a dress for myself if I couldn’t find one but oh my gosh I love my new dress. This dress is the ‘An Affair to Remember Tie Shoulder Tea Dress’ and it’s perfect. I’m really glad I tried this dress on at the shop because I grabbed my normal size 10 and I ended up going down to a size 8; I think this dress just runs a little larger. I love the way the bust sits up, the softness and lightness of the fabric, the full double-tiered skirt and the Audrey Hepburn vibe it gave off. I will certainly be wearing this dress a lot when the warm weather reappears and I will be wearing it with cardigans until it does. At checkout, Kitten d’Amour kindly gifted me a pair of velvet fleece tights which are a godsend in this cold weather. They are soft, warm and cute! Perfect for the weather right now.

Let’s have a look at my true vintage items. For this trip, I only made it to one vintage store which was the Mitchel Road Antique warehouse on the way to the airport. The first piece I found was a pink pyrex daisy dish with a lid for a really great price. I have this dish without the lid at home but find it’s size really convenient and I love using it whilst serving food to guests. This dish is a dream and I’m so glad it is now in my collection.

Amongst all the little stalls in the warehouse, I managed to find a pair of vintage mustard-coloured mid-length gloves. I have quite the vintage glove collection so I only look for colours that I don’t have, mustard being one such colour. This pair fits me perfectly and the fabric was really soft and warm. They were only $12 which was a fantastic price.

The rest of my vintage haul are all items for my current hyperfixation hobby of sewing. I found three bundles of vintage buttons; one set of pearl white buttons, some tortoise shell brown buttons, and some opaque purple textured buttons. I really don’t have a lot of buttons for my projects so I wanted to get colours that I could incorporate quite easily into what I was planning to make.

I was keeping an eye out for vintage sewing patterns and as luck would have it, right as I was heading to the counter, I found two incredible patterns from the Bluebelle vintage stall (number 33). The first was Butterick 5257 which was a 70’s pattern and I loved the sailor collar and optional wide-leg pants or skirt attached. It’s a cute and fun pattern that I can adjust to fit me and it has loads of fun options. The second pattern was Style 2205 also from the ’70s. This pattern had a cute tie-up neckline and the option of flutter sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless which I thought was cute. This dress can also be easily altered to be for 50’s style and I’m excited to give it a go. In another stall, I found Simplicity 4441 which is a Jiffy sportswear pattern. The pattern features a simple slip dress and shorts which I mainly bought because I wanted to try a pattern with my markings, it was also super cheap so why not?

The last thing I found was a knitting pattern book from Patons (knitting book number 319). I’ve been wanting to get back into knitting as it’s been a while since I’ve done so. This particular pattern book had some stunning patterns for jumpers, cardigans and vests. This book will certainly get me excited to knit again.

I’m really excited about my little shopping haul. It’s not as big as some travelling hauls, but everything I found is something I can use and is practical. I love my new items and am excited to plan more trips and do more shopping in the future. I’ve been thinking about doing op-shop/second-hand shopping hauls as well so keep an eye out for them.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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