Louella DeVille Spring Break Review

If you haven’t already discovered Australia’s best one-stop pinup shop, it’s about time you did! Louella DeVille Boutique is an all-inclusive retro and pinup fashion house based in Brisbane and they are currently taking over the world of pinup online shopping. Louella DeVille sell everything you need for the perfect retro wardrobe from men and women’s clothing, some custom made exclusively for the company, undergarments, accessories and beauty products. The store also holds a large availability of sizes ranging from extra small to 6/7XL and have AfterPay which is an absolute blessing!

I was recently asked to collaborate with Louella DeVille and I was really excited and honored to be asked. I had already bought and fallen in love with their capri pants and of course I also picked up two of their cardigans because I have a weakness for knitwear. I am pleased as punch to give you my review from Louella DeVille’s newly released collection, Spring Break. The collection features some really beautiful pieces that can be easily mixed and matched together as well as incorporated into any wardrobe. Spring Break embraces simple gingham patterns mixed with florals and cute accessories. Every piece is perfect for summertime walks, picnics and enjoying ice cream by the beach.

Gingham Separates:

I received the Tabbitha Blouse in a black and white gingham and it’s definitely my favourite piece! Having already owned a Tabbitha blouse I was excited to incorporate another into my wardrobe. The Tabbitha blouse is a fitted top, buttoned down the center front and features a self-tie bow attached to a small raised collar. The cotton fabric is thick enough to not be see-through but definitely light enough to be comfortable in the Australian sun. The blouse is really easy to wear and style; it can be worn with capri pants, skirts, shorts and paired with cute brooches and accessories. The great thing about the simple black and white gingham pattern is that by mixing in coloured accessories, you can change the look and feel of your outfit and implement it to suit several occasions.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Tabitha Blouse, Bettie skirt, Black belt, red rose flower crown and earrings.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Tabitha Blouse, Black Capri Pants, Black belt, red rose flower crown and earrings.

The Black and White Gingham Bettie Skirt was an absolute dream to wear. Once again, the fabric was not sheer so I didn’t have to worry about flashing my knickers by accident and it was lined with very light black fabric. It wasn’t itchy or scratchy on the skin and even when sitting, it didn’t irritate my legs. Because of the lining, it gives the skirt a light flare so a petticoat isn’t necessarily making it a great skirt for spring and the summer to come. The skirt is knee length, has a small waistband which doesn’t cut into your waist, has a very strong lapped zipper and best of all … two pockets! Yes, that’s right, the skirt has a pocket on either side which is always a win in my books.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Poweder Blue Carigan, Bettie skirt, Black belt, and earrings.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Tabitha Blouse, Bettie skirt, Black belt, red rose flower crown and earrings.

These two separates looked great together paired with a Louella DeVille black belt. The outfit could easily be mistaken for a full dress which gives you the illusion of multiple outfits from just these two simple pieces. To show off the top and skirt separately, I also paired them with a pair of Allison Stretch Bengaline Capris in Black and the Louella DeVille Knitwear Powder Blue Trudy Sweater which I previously owned. I believe both new Spring Break pieces are versatile enough to be worn all year and be styled in multiple different ways. You can’t go wrong if you purchase either item.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Tabitha Blouse, Black Capri Pants, Black belt, red rose flower crown and earrings.


Accessories are definitely the cherry on top of a fabulous outfit so I was super excited to test out the new Louella DeVille Carved earrings in red and a Louella DeVille Rose Flower Mini Crown Headband in Red. The earrings were light, comfortable and a fun piece to wear. They didn’t make my skin react and were well constructed. The flower crown was also really comfortable, light and a fun piece especially for Springtime. I can imagine it being popular for music festival season or if you feel like being Frida Kahlo for a day. These accessories are easy to style together and separately; They can be incorporated into many retro wardrobes and as both come in a range of colours, they are the perfect accessories for everyone.


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; Tabitha Blouse, red rose flower crown and earrings.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you start shopping for your perfect retro wardrobe. There are so many companies out there but you soon feel that most places have the same stock from the same companies. That’s why I love and highly recommend Louella DeVille. Since 2016, they have designed and created their own unique items which are taking pinup communities all over the world by storm. Their pieces are comfortable, affordable, easy to style and a lot of fun.

There are so many unique patterns, cuts, and styles that the only bad part about the company is trying not to order absolutely everything they sell! One thing I also love about their clothes is that they are really durable and easy to ‘live’ in. Whilst traveling, I now always pack a pair of Louella Capri pants because they are great to pair with a cardigan and comfortable to wear the whole day.

Louella DeVille also supports pinup models of all shapes and sizes. Their clothes really keep a women’s shape in mind and are cut to be flattering for all body types. Having been asked to model for them was such an honour and also a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what this company does next.

What’s on your Louella DeVille wishlist?

Items featured:

Bettie Skirt – Black and White Gingham

Tabbitha Blouse – Black and White Gingham

Louella DeVille Black Belt

Louella DeVille Red Rose Flower Crown

Louella DeVille Red Carved Earrings


Miss MonMon wearing Louella Deville’s Spring Break collection; powder blue cardigan, Bettie skirt, Black belt, and earrings.

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