Pinup Doll Australia – My Journey So Far. Part Two

When I last left you in terms of my Pinup Doll Australia journey, I was at the very beginning of my chrity event run and now as I sit outside on this warm Sunday, all my charity events are over and I am madly trying to work on my talent routine. Since we last spoke about Pinup Doll Australia, a lot has happened, many melt downs and costume changes were had and I felt like throwing in the towel on more than one occassion. Let’s just say the pressure is mounting and I feel like Im only just keeping my head above the water.

I had an absolute blast hosting my three charity events; my cocktail party was a lot of fun, the Lazer Tag was more of a workout than I thought and the high tea definitely challenged my baking skills. But over all, I have achieved something that I never thought possible. When I first heard I would have to do charity events, my mind was completely blank. “I cant do that! I don’t know how? Who would actually go to my events? This is going to be a disaster… can I just sell a kidney?” were my first thoughts. Looking back, I am really proud of myself for stepping up to the plate and giving it my best shot and you know what, every event was a success. I event completely sold out to my High Tea despite it being accidentally schedualed on Father’s Day. If you’d like to donate, please go here.

I am still selling cuterus pins and have now also started sewing up aprons for charity too. Some days I can bang out three aprons and other day’s I cant even hold my fabric scissors. I try not to let the bad days get to me but it’s not easy.

As time has moved on, and I am nearing the final month of my Pinup Doll Australia journey, I have started reflecting what this competition really means to me. First of all, I am representing my state as the only finalist from Western Australia. I am also standing up for Endometriosis Sisters all over Australia and this journey has brought me into contact with so many amazing women who have opened up to me and shared their stories. I have had girls post their personal Endo stories on social media and reach out to me for more information, educational material and support. I have become an active ambassador for Endometriosis Australia and I couldnt be prouder. My journey has also landed me on local radio where on the evening of 7th of September at 7pm, I was on ‘the take over’ on 107.3 and spoke about Pinup Doll Australia, Endometriosis and shared some of my favourite songs. I never thought I would ever do something like live radio and now that I have, I feel like I can achieve so much more.

I have had one major hiccup, because of my own Endo flaring up quite badly, I have had to have several injections which has causes some nerve damage in my hands. As my talent was supposed to be fan dancing, I havnt been able to practice and whenever I do, my hands cramp and I am in so much pain by the time my routine is over. Having to be sick for several months also meant that my muscles have stiffened so even my dancing has lowered it’s standards. I have considered changing my talent but I dont think being able to smash a plate of dumplings within minutes counts so I will give it my best. At the end of the day, thats all we can really do.

I have started coming up with all my final routines and mentally planning what to say when it comes to talking about my charity. It really feels like there are 101 things still left to do but I can only do what my body lets me, especially on bad Endo days. It’s quite frustrating to want to practice and test out routines but you cant even sit up in bed. It’s days like this that I feel overwhelmed and hope that when it comes to Chromfest, I am more able. I know Im not the only one struggling at the moment, it’s nice not being alone with living with such a debilitating illness.

Being this close to the end, and having the light at the end of the tunnel become blinding, I have really started to realise that this competition is so much more than just a crown and a sash. Pinup Doll Australia is an opportunity to have a voice, to make a change to my community and encourage others to step out of their comfort zones. I am giving it everything I have with all my ability but to be honest, I feel like Ive already won. Not because I have a fancy title, but because I never thought I could achieve even half of what I already have. I count my blessings every day and I am so grateful to all those who have helped support me along the way. I cant wait for it all to be over and for me to personally thank each and every person who has helped me reach the finish line.

For now, it’s back to rehersals and practice as best as I can. I am really excited to collect and count all the money in the donation tins scattered around Perth and add them to my online donation page. Today, I have reached the $1000 dollar milestone and I’m embarassed to say that I may have shed a tear when I woke up and saw that. Thank you to all who have donated so far.

It’s down to the final month, it’s almost too late to need to last-minute-purchase anything, and I really need to decide what to do with my hair for competition day. All my flights and accomodation are booked and ready and it’s just a matter of perfecting what I can whenever my body is able. I’m really excited to know that the next time I post about Pinup Doll Australia, it’ll all be over and the results will be in. Whether I place or not, Ive given it everything I could and Ive already done more than I imagined. Ive become part of a family that cares for me, supports me and helps me when I need it. We are all excited for it to be the final moments, but also sad for it to be ending. I am priviledged, honoured and humbled to have been a finalist for Pinup Doll Australia 2018.

See you in the next instalment.

If you’d like to donate to Endometriosis Australia, please go here. Thank you very much.

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