Testing Vintage: 1960’s Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver

One of my goals for 2022 is to self care more and take time to really look after myself. I’m not a huge beauty salon girl and I don’t get my nails or hair done often (I’ve never even had fake nails or anything). In a quest to pamper myself a little more, I hope to keep myself in a better state of grooming. When I was younger, I used to shave my legs all the time but now it just doesn’t matter to me as much and I can go weeks between shaves. To kick off my quest, I figured I should test out the 1960’s Lady Sunbeam pink electric shaver I found whilst shopping in Coolangatta last year. So that’s what we will be doing today and oh, did I mention I’ve never used an electric razor before?

My pink Lady Sunbeam shaver comes straight from the 60’s with its atomic pattern case and logo. The shaver has two different functions, one for legs and one for underarms and as I had it tested before purchasing, I know it works but I just haven’t tested it out. The box has a compartment for the main shaver part and a nook on the side for the cable which has it’s own wrap to stop the cord getting tangled. The cable has a two pronged plug and is fully in tact. My plug has a little bit of blue gunk on it and I’m not sure what it is exactly. The condition of the shaver itself is very good and the box and lining have some age discolouration as to be expected.

I couldn’t find out whether this razor should be used wet or dry so I figured with it’s age and my uncertainty to stick to a dry shave. To begin, I washed my legs in the bath and made sure they were clean and dry. Then I plugged the electric shaver into the power and off I went starting with small sections making sure that all my movements were slow and precise. She’s very loud and has quite a hum about her; she vibrates a bit but still feels pretty sturdy during use. I was pleasantly surprised she didn’t hurt, pinch or tug at my leg or leg hairs even when going over my knees.

The downside I found with this electric shaver is that it’s very slow to use. I know I’m used to modern manual razors which are quite quick but this one felt like it was taking quite a while. Now in saying this, I may have grew my leg hair too long but I was so worried that my hair would be too short and leave in-growns or hurt that I figured longer was better. It may have been the length that was effecting the shaver as some hairs were quite stubborn to remove and I had to personally target them.

I do wish that the shaver had an on and off switch on the device as I had to climb out of the bath to turn it on or off. I know some electric shavers from the 1960’s had on and off switches but unfortunately mine didn’t which is quite a shame. Whilst researching, I also found a very similar shaver to mine but the other one had a built in light which aids in shaving as apparently you can see better. I can see how this feature would be useful so I wonder if it was popular.

Overall, the experience was positive and I can see myself using the shaver again. I’m glad the process was painless but I do think a modern razor gives a closer and smoother shave. I do love the look of the product and the box it comes in as it’s very sleek, cute and stylish (I kind of wish they still looked like that today). I’m so glad I finally tested out this shaver as I’ve been wanting to for a while and it’s a fun way to kick off my official 2022 content. I do have more in this series on the way so please consider subscribing to my youtube and instagram to be notified of future posts in the series.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way. There are no affiliate links and I do not benefit from any link clicks or purchases made.

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