My Tropical Honeymoon in the Maldives – Pinup with a Passport

Well, better late than never. Two years after getting married in the most beautiful vintage celestial-themed wedding I could have ever imagined, my sweetheart and I finally took off on our honeymoon. But where to go? Well, due to some circumstances out of our control, we had a sudden limited time to take our trip which meant that some of our original plans went out the window. As we learnt whilst planning a pandemic wedding, the little details don’t matter, as long as we’re together, we decided to head to the Maldives and have a delightfully tropical holiday. We only had a few days before we took off so I had absolutely no time to sew my dream tropical wardrobe but I did manage to make a few pieces (see them here, here and this one too). Regardless, I am very excited to share everything there is to know about my fabulous Club Med Kani Maldives dream Honeymoon.

Getting to the Maldives is generally done through Singapore followed by a quick flight to Male, the main island of the Maldives which includes the airport. When booking our honeymoon, we decided to go for an all-inclusive package offered by Club Med. We have stayed at Kani, the Club Med Maldives island before and loved it so it was a no-brainer to book it again. The Maldives is not a cheap holiday destination and the downside of staying on an island is that you may be stuck with limited food and drink options meaning your budget may be thrown out the window. By booking all-inclusive, you pay for the flights, and transport to and from the airport to Kani Island (travel between islands is very expensive so having it included is a great way to save), the package also includes all your meals, drinks from the bar including your alcoholic beverages (not top shelf liquor though), heaps of activities to do daily, and evening entertainment. You get a lot of bang for your buck by going with an all-inclusive package and you can save a lot of money. By going with other options that aren’t all-inclusive, you can easily rack up a huge bill for transport, food and alcohol (it’s illegal to bring alcohol into the Maldives so don’t even think about bringing some in your luggage). I never felt that the food, entertainment, activities or drinks were lacking.

Once we landed in Male, we were greeted by a Club Med representative who directed us and our luggage to our boat, taking us to the island about 30 minutes away. When we got to the Island, we were greeted by a friendly Kani GO (staff member) who took us through an orientation of the island, gave us some refreshments, showed us around and then to our room. If you’re ever going to get an over-the-water villa, your honeymoon is a perfect time. Although it costs more than regular rooms, there are many perks that the villa offers that normal rooms don’t. Our villa was a large hut with a spacious bedroom, sizeable front room, and massive bathroom with a freestanding bathtub overlooking the water. Our villa also had a balcony, seating, lounging area, and stair access to the ocean below. The stairs also had an attached mini jetty with a freshwater shower for rinsing off the ocean water. Our villa was cleaned and serviced twice daily, with a complimentary daily restocked minibar, plush bathrobes, and slippers. The villa area also has an exclusive beach and bar which gives your privacy.

One of the best things about Club Med is the staff. They are very friendly and tell some great stories. I loved spending time with them, getting to know them and going on activities with them. A huge shout out to the snorkel and diving staff, the awesome wait staff in the restaurants and the excursion boys.

We had an entire week to enjoy our time and in that time we went snorekling every day (except the day there was a tropical storm), we did morning meditation, went swimming, scuba diving and enjoyed many delicious meals together as well as mocktails galore. We enjoyed baths together, lazing on the beach, watching the hermit crabs and eating our body weight in tropical fruits everyday. Our day felt special from the moment we woke up, another perk of the villa is that we got free breakfast delivery straight to our room. Breakfast was ordered the night before and delivered for whenever you wanted it in your room. We loved eating our breakfast outside near the lounge or on the jetty. What a magical way to start your day.

One evening, our villa area had a special evening on the beach with fancy cocktails and the most delicious foods you could ask for. There was a slight drizzle of rain which kept you cool and live music to dance to. I felt so madly in love with my husband as we danced and laughed on the beach as the rain fell and cooled off our skin.

Another highlight was the day we took. an excursion to a neighbouring island. The tour included visiting a wonderful snorkelling spot where we saw a huge range of colourful fish, an octopus, a turtle, a giant clam and massive sea cucumbers. It was probably my favourite snorkel of the whole trip. We were then taken to a sandbank which was a great experience and a nice chance to just relax on the beach with my Hubby. The trip’s final stop was a neighbouring island where Coca-Cola is manufactured (i had no idea that the Maldives even had a Coca-Cola factory). The island was a great way of seeing more of the authentic Maldivian lifestyle. As beautiful as Kani is, it’s not the ‘real’ Maldives where locals would live; it’s a manufactured and maintained paradise which is pretty of course, but as an Anthropologist, I wanted to see more of the real side. This island had local people going about their daily lives, we saw authentic restaurants, got to learn about the local politics, saw the locals catch a huge fish and see where the real Maldivians shopped, lived, went to school and prayed. It was one of the major highlights and I was so happy to see it with my husband.

Every night after dinner, there’s a theatre show, dance party, and more drinks and snacks on offer. My favourite night was Glow night where we all got face painted with UV paint and got to dance the night away and of course, eat way too many snacks despite being full after dinner. Each night there are different themes which you can choose to dress up for (of course the only night I forgot the theme it was a White theme and I wore green, oops). Club Med Kani also has its own app where you can see what activities are starting, book room service ad breakfast, book into the spa and see what the theme is for dinner that night. I cannot recommend Club Med enough and it was really budget-friendly, especially for a Maldives honeymoon which can be tens of thousands of dollars. We couldn’t fault our honeymoon and had very busy days doing lots of activities and enjoying all the food and drink on offer. It’s worth noting that Kani also has a great kids program if you plan on taking your young family there. There’s also a pool, spa, gym, circus trapeze, tennis and basketball courts and loads more to do on the island.

Our week zoomed past and I loved spending it with my husband. Even if we were just relaxing on the beach, it was enough and all I wanted. Sure, it wasn’t a vintage honeymoon or something that people expected of me, but to my husband I’m not Miss MonMon, just Mon, and just Mon was more than happy to lounge on a beach, sip a mocktail and give all the hermit crab names as I read for hours on end.

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