Charlie Stone Shoe Review

I was recently contacted by Charlie Stone Shoes and asked if I wanted to try some of their brand new vintage inspired shoes. Of course, I said yes and after a really smooth discussion, the shoes arrived on my doorstep before I even knew it. Charlie Stone Shoes is a Sydney based company that started in 2014; they specialize in vintage-inspired shoes that are super comfortable and affordable.

It’s easy to see, even from just spending a few minutes on their website, that luxury and comfort are two major drives at Charlie Stone Shoes. My shoes arrived in a beautiful shoe box, and my brand new Portofino’s in Navy were enclosed inside a charming woven shoe bag with the brand printed on the front. I was already impressed as shoe bags are such great things for those who travel a lot or for stylists to transport shoes to keep them clean and not get other things dirty. I loved the simplicity of the Portofino design and the brightness of the colour.

Shop Charlie Stone Shoes here.


-Genuine leather Upper and lining

-Smooth man-made sole

-Soft cushioned insole

-20mm internal heel elevation, 10mm external heel


-Sizing: the Portofino’s run slightly large.


From years of dancing, I have slightly wider feet than most so I chose to stay with my normal size and went for an EU39. I was really glad I did this as the shoes were a great snug fit; because of the leather, I know they will give a little with wear and they will be really comfortable with continued use.



Miss MonMon wearing Charlie Stone Shoes Portofino in Navy.


I wore these shoes all day whilst walking around doing errands. They didn’t hurt or pinch my feet. I didn’t feel my feet get uncomfortable or sweaty which is always a plus as the weather warms up. After my first full day of wearing my Portofino’s, I was already excited for my next chance to wear them. By choosing the navy and white combination, I’m sure I will get a lot of use from them over the summer as they have a great beach vibe. Over the past week, I’ve now worn them three times and have had heaps of compliments on them. I can’t wait to grab a few more pairs to pick up my shoe wardrobe because, to be honest, it’s a little lacking.

I would definitely recommend getting a pair of Charlie Stone Shoes for yourself!

They are currently offering a great shipping offer and have a huge range of new colours and styles for the warmer months. If you are not a fan of leather, they currently stock some shoes made from vegan leather which are super cute and versatile. They also sell gift vouchers in case you want to surprise someone or save it for yourself.



Miss MonMon wearing Charlie Stone Shoes Portofino in Navy.


4 thoughts on “Charlie Stone Shoe Review

  1. Ms. Kitsch says:

    Very cute shoes! And I love the outfits your paired them with, too! I’ve yet to try buying shoes online because I have small, really tricky feet to fit and it can take months (or sometimes over a year or more!) to find shoes that fit even when shopping in person. Every time I see pretty vintage repro shoes like these I really wish this weren’t the case!


    • missmonmon says:

      Oh that’s so annoying! I have the oposite problem with long and wide feet from years of dancing. Have you looked at TUK shoes? I used to sell them and some styles were very small. I also believe Pinup Couture shoes are quite small as well. I’ll keep thinking for you! ❤


  2. Dorothy B Williams says:

    Hello! I have been seeing these shoes EVERYWHERE I have have to ask, is it all just the latest hype or is it a genuinely good shoe? I am on a strict budget and do not find these shoes to be on the affordable side, so I want to want know, honestly, if this is just the latest vintage inspired “rage”?


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